A today's .io game theme is introduced and selected for you. is a challenging and exciting .io game inspired by original cell feeding games.

Like other games on the .io theme. In this game, the mission throughout you is to control the character to play and journey with many players in the other world.
You have to compete with them because if your character control skills are poor, you will be the loser and start the new game again.
The main task in this game is that you control a cell moving around the large map, where there are countless enemies and red, pink, blue gems ...

The goal of the game looks very simple but not simple at all: you have to control your cells to collect the gems all over the map, making your body's cells bigger step up and compete with other enemy cells playing with you in the map.

The most interesting point of this game is the competition of the size of cells in the map. Requires you to be really skillful to eat lots of gems to help your cell size grow quickly so that when you collide with enemy cells you will win them.

Can you create an impressive cell and consume your opponent? Your cell size and path depend on your control ability. Good luck!

* Features:
- Best game genre .io
- Training for children and virtuosity players with high concentration, good reflexes, creativity, relaxation.
-The game gets a lot of players and downloads through addictive content and beautiful graphics.

- Spacebar to split
- W to shoot mass
- E to instant recombine (if you own the item)