Blocked Out

This is a game where you have to work a lot to complete your goal in every level. Before you start a level you will get the indications written on the screen and you have to follow them if you want to move on to the next level where new challenges are waiting for you. In this exciting game appeared on our site you have to do your best to make sure that you will get a big score if you want a chance on the podium. This is a 2 players game where you will work with a friend because it is a 2 players game. You need the left and the right arrows to move around with the first character and you need the up arrow to jump with him. Then you need a and d to move around with the second character and w to jump with him. There are some levers that can be activated only by a certain character. each character has a different color and if the lever has the same color as the first character for example only he can activate it. Here, you have to work as a team, to collaborate if you want to complete your goal successfully in every level. Do your best and I am sure you can make a great job. Have fun!

Use arrow keys and WASD keys to move.