Bomb It 6

Bomb It 6
Welcome to the to enjoy a new great game added today. It is called Bomb It 6.
Boom It 6 will take you to the Arcade or Battle Royale mode so you can blow the enemy with explosives. Freeze the monsters in Ice Man and eat coins. Using flamethrowers, lightning bolts and dolls bombs will help you to do more damage in all arena!

In this game, you must move around each level and plant bombs to destroy objects and eliminate other players/AI bots. Each bomb has a certain timer and you must be careful not to damage yourself!
In this new game, there are still alien characters who will join the unique maps to bomb and enjoy each other to find out who is the best. in the map. You will be given a character selection, map selection and game mode that you like best, then step into the fun battle. In there, you will have to use bombs to break the obstacles. From there you will be able to reach out to your opponents and defeat your opponents. In addition, you can also get very unique items, great support for you as fast drugs, weapons to shoot guns, bombs to add, to increase the power of bombs, ... use them effectively.
This is a game two player game very appealing to players all over the world with exciting bombing styles.

The game has nice graphics and sounds are very fun hops, so it is suitable for all children of all ages. I'm sure this game will not disappoint you. Have fun!

- One or Two player
- Five game modes
- Many characters to be played
- Cute and smooth animations
- Unlockable outfits
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

- Single player controls:
. Arrow keys to move
. Spacebar to action

- Two player game:

. Player 1 controls:
+ WASD to move
+ Spacebar to action
. Player 2 controls:
+Arrow keys to move
+Enter to action.