Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends
Hello everyone, with the criteria of our website, we always choose good games to provide you every day, giving you the relaxing moments after the hard working hours. Today, we will bring you the "Bomber Friends" game, which is played and downloaded by a lot of people around the world. Hopefully, after playing and experiencing this exciting game, you will like it and share it with your friends to play.

Bomber Friends is a fun game, using bombing action tactics to destroy the enemies around you. Inspired by classic Bomberman games, '' Bomber Friends '' lets you control your character and work through a variety of levels using a combination of skills and logic.

This strategy game takes you against the enemies around you. Get Bomber Friends right now and join the extremely exciting and exciting multiplayer online game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
Collect power to get more powerful bombs! Use explosive bombs to blast your friends across the map!
New multi-player arena helps to play even better and more rewarding online games!

In each level, you must find a suitable path through the maze and break the obstructing blocks by using your bomb. Before you can reach the exit, you must find a key to unlock the last door and defeat the opponent blocking your way.
At each level, you can collect certain powers including strengthening bomb damage, adding bombs and invigorating. Notice not to pick up the cursed skulls in Bomber Friends! At the end of each level, you can choose from many different rewards and upgrade your character's appearance and stats.

Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match! Have fun!

- Beautiful graphics images, funny sounds.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download
- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.
- Campaign mode with over 300 levels! Find your way through 6 different worlds full of devious monsters!
- Classic Bomber style gameplay, with controls, polished for touchscreen!
- Compete in the online arenas to reach new heights and unlock new interesting bombs and powerups!
- Collect your own battle deck!
- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
- Customize your character with cool hats, suits, accessories, taunts, and greetings!
- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.
- The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game medals.

- Use your keyboard arrow keys to move
- A to plant a bomb
- B to taunt.