Dear Friends! New Arcade games added today - Cubefield. You can play this game for free on our website You can play it in your browser or mobile as well. Cubefield is a simple but addictive game, offered by Yauda Games and created by Yo Arcade game. Cubefield is one of our hottest games and received a high rating from players.

This game has great 3D graphics, cool music and engaging, fast-paced gameplay. You will control an automatic ship that is presented in the shape of a triangle at the bottom of the screen. Your main mission is to go through the tangled labyrinth of the colorful cube field, drive your ship to avoid all the cubes, and run as far as possible.

Remind you that at first, the ship will move quite slow. However, it will increase the speed up and up rapidly. That means you will have to reflex super-fast to avoid all the obstacles that are various cubes on your way. When you hit any obstacles, you will lose immediately. And of course, the farther you can run, the higher the points you can get.

The most interesting point of this game is that when you start playing your perceived game it is easy to play, but the more you play, the harder the level will be and give you a sense of excitement, concentration and determination across all levels: at first, players will have to control their ship go through a cube field with a quite slow speed. At this time, the number of cubes is just a few and placed a little distance apart. This makes players easy to pass through. However, after that, the further you go, the more cubes you face. The spaces between obstacles get more and more narrow as you move forward, so your reflexes need to shape up as well. Think you can handle the pressure?

Go through the cube field, you will come to a maze and the speed now is very fast. Here, you will feel like you are in a tunnel system and you can't escape. There is only one way to get out of it - go toward. Through this maze, you continue to come to another cubefield and the difficulty increases progressively. At a certain score point, the cubefield can change its color into green, pink, black, etc. And the change of color scheme and style will make you feel so impressive.

Can say that Cubefield is a fantastic running/avoid browser game that tests your skill, reactions, and concentration. Now, it's time to enjoy this game. Let's do your best to see how far you can run.Also, you can also have similar content games available on our website such as Slope; Tunnel Rush.Good luck!

-Unique designs
- Different levels
- Simple gameplay with very simple and familiar controls
- Impressive 3D graphics and the ability to change the color and style of the cube make players feel more interesting
- This game save your top score to let you know how well you have done
- Anytime you want, you still can pause this game by pressing the P button
- Beautiful graphics images, funny sounds
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Move left/right with left/right arrow key. Press P to pause.