Dead Paradise 2

In this post apocalyptic world, the most important thing for you is to keep in mind that you are the best driver ever and also, this way you are also the ultimate survivor. Make sure that you won't let anything happen to you and you will successfully get your car through some really dangerous positions and situations and focus on simply getting rid of any opponent possible, by killing them all, in the shortest time. They are all a threat for you, even if they aren't yet, they will definitely be so if you see, through this chaos, some other cars attacking you, you already know what to do so from the X and Z keys, you have to control and adjust the direction of the gun, in the top of the car. Shoot the cars from backward or forward and leave nothing from them. Use the space bar to launch some really powerful missiles and this way get rid of them once and for all, destroying any piece from the car with the soldiers on it. Good luck for the last time and get from a point to another in this dead paradise, getting alive from each mission from all of them, divided in more levels.