Dinosaur VS Zombie

Dinosaur VS Zombie
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This can be a great 3D dinosaur game that is specially selected for you. With all-new content, compelling content, beautiful graphics, hope to stimulate the addictive interest for you to relax with this game.
In this game, the zombies after a viral outbreak they have appeared on the streets, are a threat to humanity, they are very confident and down the street and destroy the lives of people. But the threat of the zombies is hampered by the presence of the prehistoric dinosaur, which will sweep away, destroy and eat all the zombies.
The game is a combination of prehistoric and modern, a fascinating polar simulator. Control the dinosaur, eat as many zombies as possible, collect meat to serve you as energy for moving your forward. Do not forget to collect hearts that will fill your life bar.
The process of moving and acting dinosaurs will face many difficulties because around the road there are many barriers, you have to control the dinosaurs avoid it. Is the life of the dinosaur long? depends on you. Be a powerful dinosaur, a superhero who swept the zombie world into your city. Very interesting!

- One player
- Realistic dinosaur animation.
- Feel the heat of infinite superhero dinosaur
- Powerful animal simulator games
- Best HD graphics and engaging sound effects
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the mouse.