Dragon Ball RPG Episode 1

This is a goku platform game including mario and rpg battles.

Author comments:NOTES– It can take a while to load the game, also there is no loading screen . With the loading screen it would take longer.– You can skip a scene with the scene select. No passwords included.– You can adjust the quality in the menu.– If you do not know what to do in the RPG battle, you have to click on the icons above the heads from Mario and Luigi.– Controls: (In case you forget)Walk-Arrow keysJump-Upper arrow keyDefend-Down arrow keyKick,Punch and power pole-A,S,DAerial attacks-A,S,D (In the air.)Kamehameha wave-(with 100 ki or more) Down key + AI hope you really enjoy this game!This took a really long time to make, but here it is.I am planning to make a series of this.Thank you for playing.