Hokey Fury

Hi friends! Hokey Fury is a new game where you have the chance to play with a friend from the same computer. This 2 players game with sports is with hokey and in every match you have to score more than the opponent. If you play alone you need just the mouse to move with the player on the peach and then hit the puck. Be careful because the enemies wants the victory as much as you do so you don't have to underestimate them. Be careful and I think you can make a great job. Before you start a tournament in hokey I suggest you to try a few simple matches to learn the rules, to become a great player and then, when you are ready, to try the championship. In the tournament if you lose a match you have to start the whole game from the beginning because you will be eliminated. In this interesting game you can play with a friend and in this situation he has to use w, a, s, d to move with his player on the ice. At the top you can see the score. Have fun and enjoy game with your friends!

Mouse to play.