Incoming Again

In this game, some opponents soldiers are trying to take down your fortress, with a surprise attack or at least they consider that it is a surprise attack because they can't know that you can see them all the time since they've entered too close in the area next to your fortress so let's get to the work right now and aim and shoot them successfully, killing them to the scratches! Do not let them a single way to escape from that fury of arrows and projectiles shooted by you so make sure that the rain of arrow will permanently stop them, in every wave they will come. There are more levels and more challenges for you, with different amount of soldiers you need to get down so get ready. This time, not only in the direction you will adjust the cannon it will shoot, but where the click of the mouse stops, is the right place where the arrow will reach, not further not closer so that's you must be so accurate! Good luck and pay close attention to the details so avoid that incoming again of those soldiers. Good luck and pay close attention to the details, building up such a great and so cool attacking strategy! Enjoy game!

Use mouses to aim and shoot.