Enter the battlefield with lots of players and battle your way to becoming the champion in Participate in real-time 2D real-time combat shooting games, multiplayer, real-time combat games. We hope that after the game is released for free on, there will be a lot of people playing this addictive shooter game.
With the choice of play mode, in this game, you play alone solo and against a lot of enemies ahead. Skills with a gun are put to the test as you take on other players from around the world. Your weapons are amazing they are dual wield handguns that are capable of causing carnage on the battlefield.
The survival battle against the player, the game with graphics is a Building Blocks, Building Blocks mode allows you to build up defenses and shelters in the middle of the fight, all while still trying to become the last man/team standing! Ranking - climb to the top of the table to show you are the best. See how you stack up on other players when eliminating every match or time left! Much fun! Enjoy!

- Shooter game with simple controls and easy
- Auto-targeting with just one click
- Variety of props assist you to fight!
- Highly optimized graphics and sounds
- Role and scene, gorgeous combat visual effects
- Multiplayer game is an absolutely free online game for download.

- WASD to move
- Left or right click to shoot
- Spacebar to jump.