Mario Ride 2

In this game, you must ride your motorcycle in order to get over all the obstacles, earn points and win the races. It is not simple at all to complete your goal in this game because you have a lot of obstacles in your way. If you crush your bike you have to restart the level and unfortunately, you will lose one life. Mario has just a few lives so be careful not to lose them all because if that happens you have to start the whole game from the beginning. You have to be careful at the road and I am sure you can handle all the challenges. If you want a big score with Mario you can try to collect the coins from the road. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose if you want to be on a motorcycle or a scooter. Try again if you crush your motorcycle because only if you learn from your mistakes you can complete your goal in every level. Enjoy the game with your friends!

Use arrow keys to drive