Moon Truck

In this game, your task is to complete your track with your truck in order to get a big score to have the chance to enter in the top of the best players in the world. Be careful at the road because in this game on the track you have a lot of obstacles so you have to avoid them. Be careful to collect bonuses from the road if you want a big score. Here, the first levels are easy to complete because you will get indications from the computer, but you don't have to hurry to judge the game's difficulty. When you reach higher levels you will be on your own and you have to figure it out by yourself how to complete your goal. This is a special game because you have the chance to drive a truck on the moon where the track is full of obstacles. Try to find the perfect method to reach your goal in this exciting game. Have fun!

- Left: Balance left;
- Right: Balance right;
- Up: Gas;
- Down: Brake;
- Space: Accelerate;
- Enter: Reset the level;
- P: Pause.