Pee Man

Hi all! In this game, your task is you have to do your best to destroy all the monsters. They are in the right side of the screen and your hero is in the left side. At the top you can see the power you have. When it is low you have to collect drinks from the people in the building. They are going to give you something to drink because you are the only one who can save them from the monster. At the top you have also your health in the left side. You will lose from it when you are hit by the monster. If you are destroyed the game is over so be careful and avoid the attacks. If you destroy the first monster which is not very strong you will move on to the second level where a new challenges is waiting for you. There will be another monster, bigger and stronger than the first one and you have to work harder to defeat him too. Good luck and enjoy game!

Use arrow keys to move; You have to attack the monster with space.