Polly Fly

Polly Fly
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Today, invite you to come back and learn the game with the Polly Pocket character, this is the character loved by girls. The following "Polly Fly" game, hopes to give you a moment of relaxation and enjoyment when playing it.

"Polly Fly" is an airplane driving game, dodging obstacles of the main character is the Polly Pocket, based on the play and content of the famous game Flappy Bird... A great addictive flash game for kids played and downloaded by many people around the world. "Polly Fly" is a game provided by GamekidGame.com, and is brought to you by our website today

The detailed instructions of the game are as follows:
Help Polly Pocket control the plane, fly in the endless sky with white clouds obscuring your vision, Below the ground are colorful flower fields, a vivid 2D simulation, and the most interesting point of this game is the appearance of red balloons, there are many red balloons flying, constantly pointing up at the sky. Prove your flying skills, by using your mouse or balance bar on your computer to control the aircraft from bumping into the red balloons flying in the sky. The flight path is endless, and if you control the aircraft to collide with the red ball, your plane will end the journey and hit the ground. You will have to start over again.
"Polly Fly" is an interesting and very interesting game, giving you the feeling of always focusing on controlling the game and aiming at it. How far is your flight with the Polly Pocket character? Have fun!

- Fun game easy to control
- Beautiful graphics images, funny sounds.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the mouse or spacebar to play this game.