Polly Pocket Soccer

Polly Pocket Soccer
We hope you had fun with this great game for girls. Polly Pocket Soccer is game An interesting game for those who love and enjoys football.

Today, you will take part in a youth football championship, which takes place between boys and girls. The championship will be in a penalty shootout, where you will be in the role of striker. With 5 characters both male and female will be the choice to make the goalkeeper position. When you click on them, he or she will be selected as the goalkeeper, your task is to control the mouse to steer the ball and hit the goal.

Pick a level: easy, medium, or hard. Click on the net where you want the ball to go.to win, score 3 goals out of 5 chances... Do everything to win. With the main character design, Polly Pocket is the image of the referee, will make you enjoy and love the Polly Pocket character.

The game is a relaxing theme for sports lovers and Polly Pocket characters. This is a game selected by our Pokicom.com website for you. Wish you all have fun while playing this game and sharing with friends.

- Fun game easy to control.
- Beautiful graphics images, funny sounds.
- Show your skills shooting goals from the penalty point.
- Enhance your player skills, power or accuracy.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use Mouse to play this game