Primal Champions

A game by Happy Ghost Studio that takes you into a world of legendary and ancient warriors called the Primal Champions. One of them turned to the dark side. It is the job of the remaining Primal Champions to take him down.Freatures:-Immersive Turn-based-Action RPG-6 champions.-4 different abilities for each champion.-Endless team combinations and massive

Arrow Keys: Move around the Map / Change Targets in BattleQ: Select/ Action / Champion 1 Attack 1W: Champion 1 Attack 2E: Champion 1 Attack 3R: Champion 1 Attack 4A: Champion 2 Attack 1S: Champion 2 Attack 2D: Champion 2 Attack 3F: Champion 2 Attack 4M: Menu ScreenV: Mute soundEsc: Exit to Title ScreenDeveloper: armor games, Happy Ghost Studio