Rezer 2

In this game, you must to select the right weapons, that are so necessary for you so make sure that you will use them in order to kill all the opponents, zombies and different beings that you will face during this spectacular and so awesome adventure. First of all, you have to know that using the mouse won't be just enough because you have to discover different combinations in order to learn how to handle the weapons rightly, with double clicks and different mixes from the clicks, in order to damage enough your dead walking opponent. Different levels from different sides and parts of the globe, are looking forward to meeting your famous force and talent of killing so let's get to the work right, without running out of time or arrows to your bow. Unlock new weapons and do not let the opponent get too close, firstly killing it with a sharp blade of a knife and then also make sure that you will upgrade your weapon inventory! Have fun and enjoy game!

Use mouse to play this game.