Rich Cars 3 Hustle

To start the game buy a car. Buy rich cars and so expensive ones and live the real dream of being free and with no other issues or worries over your head so just run there with the fuel full, because you will collect some fuel packs during your roads too and with no worry about anything, unless the Police start follwing you, then is a problem. Solve is quickly, using the X key for unleashing the rage of the nitro boost, available at each of your car, bought by you with the money earned from different races. Good luck and pay close attention to each details, avoiding running out of time and also earn money by winning the races and invest them back in unlocking new cars. Make sure that you will collect the rockets too and shoot the cops with them or different obstacles that may show in your face during this special route so let's make it happen right now! Unlock all the cars from Rich Cars 3 Hustle and waste no more time with this kind of issues or problems. Go for it right now and make sure that you will get away with this, not doing any mistake of any kind. Buy super cars at great offers and score many points! Have fun and enjoy game with your friends!

Use arrow keys or WASD to drive; Z: Rocket; X: Turbo; Esc: Pause; Space bar: Jump;