Scarecrow X

Scarecrow X
A new game with an action theme, proving that you are a true warrior, attacking many dangerous and scary zombies.

You are lost in a scary world with lots of zombies, with a journey, returning to life, using available weapons to fight zombies and other scary creatures in Scarecrow X, you must fight with them.

Running through the underground land of zombies and the appearance of a lot more and more, the zombies are trying to approach and destroy you. Fight them with death scythes and other powerful weapons and try to escape from this frightening and dangerous hell.

While avoiding obstacles and dangerous zombies, you must be really alert and creative, use accurate counter-attacks so you can win and overcome the deadly and dangerous world.

Take advantage of the available power from your friendly crow, enhanced scythes and more. Continue to collect money to increase your power, because your power will increase or decrease depending on the ability to destroy the number of zombies.

Scarecrow X is a game for all kids who want to be a brave and heroic warrior. This idle zombie game is an action game that allows you to fight against the creepy Zombie world. Scarecrow X is the best and best game experience when playing on our website. Much fun!

- Arrow keys to move
- Z to attack
- X to kick
- Double press right arrow key to dash
- Double press right arrow key + press Z to do a super attack.