In this game, with the main goal of destroying everything in your way, especially the kind of soldiers that are trying to stop your assault. There will be especially kind of towers and houses built for this kind of adventure so let's get to the work right now and get everything down, aiming and shooting the right spots, strategically ones, that may make the whole tower fall. It isn't so important to for you to destroy the building, but the most important thing is to kill the soldiers from it so they will be everywhere, from the roof tops to the edges and of course, inside of the buildings. You can shoot anything, from roof top itself to different rocks but soldiers. You can't shoot soldiers so you have to make the buildings scratches fall on them and kill them that way. Also, you need to make the ruins fall down on the treasure chests so this way you will receive more bonuses and a higher score. Avoid killing the blue dressed soldiers because you've lost! Enjoy game with your friends!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.