Snail Bob 6

Hi all! This new game is called Winter Story, which means that you are going to go through levels filled with snow, where we are certain you will have fun. It's not good for snails to stay in the snow, which is why Bob needs to get home. Learn how to do that from this description, and then start the game! Well, you are going to use the mouse to interact with the tools and objects all around the place, as in each level your goal is to help Bob reach the end, but there are objects and obstacles in his path, which is why you need to interact with them, so that you clear up a path. Further down the line, you will also collect things, and each level has new challenges for you. Click on Bob to stop him from move him or get him back to moving. That was all we had, so we invite you to start playing right now, and enjoy your time here!

Play game with your mouse.