Storm ATV Racing

Hello all the kids who love to drive atvs. In this game you need to drive and you have to do your best to collect a lot of bonuses from the road, and you have to watch the road if you want the chance to reach the finish line safely. The first levels are always easier, to help you get comfortable with the game but you don't have to hurry to underestimate the difficulty of the game because as you progress in higher levels there will be more and more obstacles and if you hit them you risk to crush your atv and this is not good at all because if that happens you will lose and you have to restart the level. If you try again you can learn from your mistakes in order not to repeat them, to complete this time your goal successfully. Here, you have the score and the time at the top of the screen. Try to get a big score if you want a little chance to reach the top of the best player in the world in this exciting game with atv. Enjoy game with your friends!

USe arrow keys to balance and drive your ATV