Xcross Madness

In this game, where you have to do your best in order to win the races. You have the chance to select your motorcycle. Try to be careful at the advantages and the disadvantages of the motorcycles before you chose one. Be careful not to hit the curbs because you will crush your motorcycle and the opponents will overtake you. If you lose the race you have to restart the championship if you have started one. Try some simple races if you want to learn how to ride your motocross motorcycle. If you win the race you can move on to the next level. Try to collect bonuses if you want to get more speed and points. In the right side, you can see your speed and on which position you are in the race. Do your best to overtake your opponents in order to win all the races. Have fun and enjoy the game with your friends!

In this game you have to use the arrows to drive your motorcycle.