Yeti Sensation

Yeti Sensation
A Christmas and New Year season are coming, so you always want to have games with the effect of an icy winter and celebrate Christmas and New Year. Today, we bring you the "Yeti Sensation" game. This is a game that covers all the content, graphics, scenery of an icy winter, and a feeling of Christmas and New Year revolves around the Yeti snowman character.
''Yeti Sensation'' is a game provided by Be selected by our website Hopefully, this is the game you will love and play with, share with friends.

Details of the game's content are as follows:
Use reflex and agility skills and control the Yeti monster running on endless snowy roads, there are lots of Christmas gifts and lots of obstacles.
Your task is to collect all those Christmas presents and avoid obstacles that are hindering you on the way.
Yeti Sensation is an interesting and attractive 3D html5 running game in both content and graphics. When playing this game, your feeling will be like real life. You will feel excited and addictive when playing this game.
The task is very simple, but it is not simple for you, because the farther you go, the more distracted you will feel, and there are many obstacles around it, when you stumble You will have to start over.

The journey and adventure of this funny character Yeti will be a measure of your control skills. The score and the road go depending on you? Enjoy and enjoy this exciting game. Have fun!

- Tons of bonuses, obstacles, and berries!
- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Great supermarket with useful boosts
- Quality sound and voice-over from real Bigfoot
- Run, Yeti, Run
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the arrow keys( left/right) or Click/Tap/Swipe left/right to play this game.