Zombie Shooter

In this game, you need skills like agility and precision to complete your goal successfully in every level: to destroy all the zombies. You have a pistol with a certain number of bullets. If you don't kill all the zombies and you are out of ammo you have to restart the level. Try to learn from your mistakes if you want to complete your goal when you try again. The first levels are easy to complete because you will get indications from the computer, but you don't have to hurry to judge the game's difficulty. In this game with zombies you will be with a soldier who needs your help to defeat all the zombies to save the city. Be careful because when you reach higher levels you will be on your own and you have to figure it out by yourself how to complete your goal. At the bottom of the screen you will see how many bullets you have. Enjoy game!

Use the mouse to aim and shoot with your pistol in order to destroy all the zombies.