18 Wheeler 3D

This game is easier at the beginning, in the first level because in this way you can get used to the controls but as you progress in higher levels things are getting pretty difficult because there will be a lot of obstacles in your way. Here, if you hit another truck or an obstacle you will lose and that means you can restart the level. This time be more careful and learn from your mistakes. Do your best to reach the podium. You have to park quickly the truck if you want a big score. Only a lot of points can help you reach the top in this 3d game so be careful what you are doing. If you finish the game successfully but you are not satisfied with the score you can restart the levels where you think you can do better. You will get all the indications required so you don't have to worry if you don't know how to play the game. Have fun and enjoythegame with your friends!

You need up arrow to accelerate, down arrow for break and left and right arrows to steer.