2 Player Tron 1.9

2 Player Tron 1.9
A popular Kogama action game theme played and downloaded by lots of people around the world. "2 Player Tron 1.9" is a game that can be played by 1 player or 2 players. Kogama is an online universe that lets you play, create and share games alone or together with friends.

Join the Red Team or sign up for the Blue Team in this Kogama version, this world famous building game. You can defeat opponents with laser guns while you fight to achieve their flag. Join one of the two teams and overcome any obstacle to become a successful chess player. Will you catch them before they reach you?

''2 Player Tron 1.9'' is the best possible game for KoGaMa games lovers. Play now! Have fun!

Developer: 2 Player Tron 1.9 was developed by Kogama (Caninos).
Release Date: June 2013
Platform: Web browser.

- WASD or arrow keys to move
- Space bar to jump
- LMB to shoot
- K to suicide
- O to toggle fullscreen