Adam and Eve Go Xmas

Adam and Eve Go Xmas
Christmas and New Year are coming, all the games we select and offer for you are directed to this theme. A famous masterpiece by the characters Adam and Eve will be created by the game makers of a game called ''Adam and Eve Go Xmas''. This is a game played and downloaded by lots of people around the world. An Html 5 game on an online browser, you can play it on any device. Let's enjoy this great free game on our website

This is a simple and fun game suitable for kids and families. In this game you control Adam and in each level, different missions await you in your journey, but the main goal will be to collect Christmas presents and bring them as home as possible to your beloved Eve.
Each level of play is your thinking, creativity, click, unlock doorways, overcome obstacles along the way, collect Christmas gift boxes back to Eve.

The game includes simple puzzles and challenges that can be very fun for kids and is a great choice for your loved ones for Christmas and the coming new year! Have fun! Much fun! Enjoy!

- The arrow keys to Movement
- Mouse to interaction