Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D
A game with a special action and shooting theme will continue to be introduced and provided for you to enjoy this game for free. After versions of previous games like Rocket Clash 3D; Farm Clash 3D; Sniper Clash 3D; Subway Clash 3D. This time, the latest version called `` Airport Clash 3D '' will be the content of the great game we want to show you today.

You are a well-trained member of the Special Forces and Special Forces teams. Armed with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, you'll navigate secret missions around the globe to destroy the evil corporation standing in a peaceful world, protecting your own life. friend. This time the place you need to show off your elite shooting skills is the airport. In this game, brutal assault action will test your nerves to become a real sniper sniper and kill enemies.

Get ready to fight with the shooter in the airport fighting a vast environment with lots of enemies. Conquer enemies by attacking the enemy with weapons and turn them into battlefields. Your ultimate mission is to save humanity, save the airport, and attack all enemies. Collect stars, level up your character and unlock daily rewards.
'' Airport Clash 3D '' is another great shooter from the Clash 3D game series. Let's share with friends to play. Have fun!

- Third-person shooter multiplayer game
- Set on a abandoned airport area
- Cool 3D graphics and smooth actions
- Upgradeable character
- Hidden Barret rifle to use
- Works on any device.

*Developer: Airport Clash 3D is made by Freeway Interactive.
*Initial release game date: Octorber 2019
*Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
*The game has similar content:
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Rocket Clash 3D.

WASD = Move;
Mouse = Shoot;
SPACE = Jump;
L = Lock mouse;
C = Crouch;
TAB = Score table.