Ambulance Driver

Ambulance Driver
There has been a massive accident and you’re the on-duty ambulance driver! Get the doctor to the injured ASAP! Lives are at stake; it’s a rescue mission! Rush your ambulance around the city to get to the scene of the accident in time.

Learn how to drive an ambulance truck, and park it in front of a big city parking 3D hospital. Help the doctors by giving them the patients in time. Drive your vehicle in the big city to the hospital and show your skills of precision driving and parking game while you stay stress resistance. The different parking situations are based on time-limited situations, you need to get the patient to the doctors as fast as possible. Need to control the ambulance, needs to drive fast through the big city. Play as a rescue ambulance driver and run into injured patients in need on curvy city roads. Drive fast, yet safely, and use reckless driving skills to dish out aid. Turn on ambulance sirens and push the throttle to race fast. On this fragile task, look out for the hurdles, sharp turns, and on-coming traffic cars. Packed with thrilling rescue missions, time and efficiency are what matters most in simulator game. Feel the thrill of steering the ambulance through a beautiful yet dangerous city environment. Play the most anticipated emergency simulator game, Ambulance Driver. Nothing is as stimulating as saving a human life!
Its An Ambulance Simulator like never before. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for the people and the heavy traffic. You are an ambulance car driver, and only your agility, alertness and courage determine - Will the doctors and paramedics rescue the patient? Like an urban ambulance driver save the city people who are in need of medical attention ASAP!
This ambulance game has many rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency all the time. You can drive around the big city, suburbs, construction sites, parks, and even the beach. It's crazy how the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your ambulance, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer.

Enjoy the Wolverine Ambulance Driver Game. You will have to pass these 10 exciting levels. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game. Have fun!

- Modern ambulance vehicle with realistic physics
- Multiple rescue missions in emergency situations to save lives
- Simple and easy controls for a seamless driving
- Many different routes across the city
- Realistic big city environment and amazing graphics
- Addictive and easy gameplay.

Use the arrow keys to drive.