Backflip Dive 3D

Backflip Dive 3D
With content and graphics based on the famous game ''Flip Master''. We have selected the ``Backflip Dive 3D'' game and are free to play on

With many different levels of play, the difficulty of each level is different. Whatever you do, be sure not to try these awesome stunts at home! You control your character to flip by clicking and holding the left mouse button - the longer you click, the more they flip. Moreover, if you move the mouse while flipping, your character will jump in that direction.
You gain points for every successful jump when you land and every turn you complete - be sure to land properly or your turn will end!

Have you ever wanted to perform crazy tricks? In our simulator, you can make flips and backflips. Jumping from a height is not difficult if you are playing our crazy parkour simulator. Perform the jump from a height and perform a flip and a jump back. You can learn the basics about parkour mania in our crazy jumping simulator game. Just make the jumps from the top of some works and perform flip and backflips.

Our ``Backflip Dive 3D'' simulator gives you the opportunity to become a parkour master and learn how to perform flip and jump backwards, plunging into parkour madness.

``Backflip Dive 3D'' is a free parkour mania simulator game. Become a real parkour master in our new game. Perform flipping and jumping backwards while performing hops from the top of tall buildings. Master your skills to become a professional crook and show your skills to the world. Call your friends and show them your dance moves. Perform as many flips and backflips as possible to let your friends know that you are the parkour owner here. In our parkour mania simulator, you can't hurt yourself, so you can easily perform tricks like flipping and flipping without fear. Much fun! Have fun!

- Lots of upgrade options
- Smooth gameplay
- 3D Parkour stunt Simulator environment
- Multiple freerunning modes, backflips
- Endless thrill
- Amazing real parkour runner
- 3D graphics and simple controls
- Realistic ragdoll animated tricks
- Extreme parkor escape missions

Developer: This game is developed by Motionvolt Games
Release Date: November 2019
Platform: Web browser
The game has similar content: Flip Master

Hold and release left mouse button to flip and land.