Backflipper is a sports game in which you need to make backflips, with awesome block graphics to enjoy for free and online.

With a custom physics engine and unique animated Ragdoll Physics gameplay, with edgy graphical style, the Backflipper is the most dynamic and entertaining backflipping experience ever created!
You get to control a character to make him or her jump and flip back in order to land on the next building’s rooftop. Land on your feet or your game will be over too soon. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop performing amazing backflips has never been so fun and so safe.
Perform backflips at the rooftops, park, over speeding cars, on moving elevators and over airplanes & satellites and be the best Backflipper ever! Pick your location! Skyscraper roofs, Speeding cars, Elevators, Trees & Park, Harbor with tons of boxes, Stonehenge Trucks and even Airplanes and Satellites!
You need to flip beautifully and land perfectly to get a good score. Earn money as you play and unlock more locations with beautiful views.

Backflipper is a sports game in which you need to make backflips. It is similar in gameplay to Flip Master and is made by the same studio. Play and share with your friends. Have fun! Much fun!

- Platform
- Backflipper is a web browser game
- Blocky graphics
- Eight locations with different platforms
- Many unlockable characters, including Donald
-Trump and a T-Rex
- Realistic physics control
- The game is playable in full-screen.

Developer: Backflipper is made by MotionVolt Games Ltd.
Release game Date: March 2019
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
The game has similar content: Flip Master

Press left mouse button to do a backflip.