Barber Shop

Barber Shop
It is great to invite you to continue to visit our website every day. Thousands of games are selected and provided every day for you, with all genres. Today, we will bring you a game with a very interesting and fun topic that is the game `` Barber Shop ''. This is a great game, with a funny and funny haircut theme, hope to bring you moments of relaxation.
The content of the game is: you play as a funny barber using his ability to control his cutting tools to cut hair for the most demanding customers. Your task is to pay attention to the customers' hair through each level, each level will be a challenge for you. As a professional barber, your task is to cut the sharp ends of the hair and to suit the best possible customer without errors. Each level you have to complete cutting for a customer, when the cut is complete if the customer is happy, and dance to the music, you have completed and satisfied customers.
Are you ready to challenge with barber shop? Have fun!

Game Features:
- Easy and addictive to play
- A lot of customers to discover
- Hundreds of original haircuts
- Stunning hair colors
- Play wherever and whenever you want!

Developer: Barber Shop is made by Madbox
Initial release game date: June 2020
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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