Base Bros

Base Bros
Welcome to visit our website every day. We always try to bring joy and relaxation to you through the selection games. Today, we continue to bring to you the classic shooting action game called 'Base Bros''. This is an addictive game, played and downloaded by many people around the world, provided by Colin Lane Games.

The game is the evolution of the fight to defend its territory against enemies from other planets. A game about two characters living on another planet. These two characters must protect themselves to continue living because of a war on their planet. In this game, you use stable defending weapons and sometimes they must use their own weapons to defend themselves. You can destroy the flying enemies by using the stable weapon on the map. You must use your ammo carefully. If you use your ammo uncaringly, this may cause you to lose the war. That will be your challenge in this exciting and exciting game. Play Base Bros online and prove that you're the ultimate defender!

Base Bros is brought to you by Colin Lane Games, based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can also play and enjoy the famous games of Colin Lane Game available on our website: Dunkers, Wrassling. Enjoy! Have fun!

* Features:
- Two players.
- Attractive content.
- An addictive game for everyone
- The game aims to train agility, reflexes and towards the spirit of the noble sports passion.

*Player 1:
WASD - Move
S - Shoot/use
*Player 2:
Arrow keys - Move
Down arrow - Shoot/use.