Basketball FRVR

Basketball FRVR
Basketball shooting is one of the best basketball games or sports games you must be looking for. Wanna have fun playing a basketball game?  Want to become the best basketball shooter?  Basketball FRVR is a simple but very addictive game. This is a game that many people around the world play and download, and are provided by our website for free.
Your task is simple: You just need to use the mouse control on the computer or Slide your finger on the screen of your smartphone or tablet to give the perfect direction for the ball to score after score! Don't miss out or you'll have to start over. Start shooting at the ring and try to beat your own high score! It’s time to show off your basketball shooting skills! Feel like a real basketball star behind the free throwing line.
Basketball FRVR is a simple and extremely addictive gameplay, easy to play but hard to master. You must really focus on the observation, the lines you throw must have a high accuracy, because each level will be harder, the goal of the basketball basket will be moved by the manufacturer, changing through many levels, you Must judge the handball line so that it matches the goal exactly.
In Basketball FRVR there is no limit, all the problem is beating all the free throws you can. Don't worry if you touch the rim or the glass, just make sure that the ball is finally in the basket and you have point and win.
Basketball FRVR is one of the best basketball games or sports games. Download this top basketball shoot game or basketball shootout game and have fun shooting the ball through the basketball hoop in a basketball court as a basketball shooter, all for free. Much fun! Have fun!

Developer: Basketball FRVR is made by Chris Benjaminsen.
Initial release game date: January 2020
Platform: Web browser
Games of the same category: Poki Basketball

Drag mouse up side to throw the ball.