Bike Riders

Choose a motorcycle rider and his bike and start rushing to the end of the road. Bike Riders is a free racing game with crashes and falls. Try not to break too hard or suffer the impact, at the same time you look for the speed boosts along the motorcycle track. This is a new 3D racing game that aims for a realistic biking challenge. Select your bike and the track to race on, and you’re all set for a high-speed challenge. Hop onto your bike and race down the highway, grabbing speed boosts and other power-ups as you fight to win the race and earn the best possible time. But watch out! You aren’t the only ones on the road. Put your skills to the test and weave between other vehicles to avoid a disastrous collision. Don’t lose track of the other racers! You’ll need speed and precision to make the most of each moment and earn your victory. Good luck and win!

In game.