Bike Trial Xtreme Forest

Bike Trial Xtreme Forest
Bike Trial Xtreme Forest is an epic bike racing game packed with many obstacles for you to overcome. So much thrill and excitement await you in this epic trail bike game! Download it for free now!

Using your trial bike you will be challenged with some of the most unique and challenging obstacles unseen in any trial bike game currently available. Use your skill and ride your motorbike through these 30 levels.

Do you ever get stuck on a level and it stops you from progressing through a game? Don’t worry, we have you covered on this. All of the 30 levels are unlocked so you can choose to go through the levels as you’d normally have to. If you feel like you are a pro at these type of games, get yourself straight onto the more difficult levels 20 through 30.

These 30 levels aren't short either, so to help you out a little we have placed 3 checkpoints on each level so you aren't forced back to the beginning if you fall meters from the finish.
Enjoy playing our extreme courses with amazing 3D environments that will keep you engaged in some extreme trial bike riding action.

Take your bike riding skills to the next level in trial bike extreme. We believe you are naturally gifted in riding motorbikes, here’s your chance to prove it once and for all. Skillfully master all of the obstacles within these beautiful levels to show yourself and the world how good you actually are.

Set out in a forest trail zone, the number of obstacles to overcome is in the hundreds. Always remember, the higher the level you go, the more complicated and challenging these obstacles will become.

Challenging gameplay and heart-stopping jumps ensure you'll love this trial bike game and never find another like it.

- Wind Mile Studios

- A forest map with various obstacles
- A biker with a chicken helmet
- Cool physics
- Realistic Bike Physics
- Amazing 3D Graphics
- 30 Challenging Levels
- Urban Environment.

- W or up arrow to accelerate;
- S or down arrow to move backward;
- AD or left/right arrow to tilt;
- R to restart.