Burning Man 2

Burning Man 2
Please continue to visit and play for free the games available on our site every day. We always bring you specially selected games to help you play and have moments of relaxation. Today, we will bring you a very interesting, addictive game that requires you to focus on creativity to solve many levels of play. `` Burning Man 2 '' is a stick-themed game, with extremely attractive content, let's start playing.

In this game, your task is to control your mind and creativity to free the stickman. The default assumption is that the stickman was caught on the head by a detonator, in order to be freed from death, by all means, have to let him get into the puddle in time so that the detonator will not explode anymore.

With so many levels of play, with so many scenarios you have to use your wits and creativity to help the bats fall into the water quickly and save him.
A small mistake in your calculations when playing, you will trade with his life (the stickman). You must be very fast because you have limited time otherwise the man will die in the middle of the fire.

We always believe that, with your ability, you will pass all levels of play and save this stickman. Good luck!

Developer: Burning Man 2 is made by Bestgames.com
Initial release game date: August 2019.
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
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Use the mouse to play this game.