Bus Man Parking 3D

In this game, you will work on a bus and you have to park it in the marked places in the parking. You need to be careful at the road, to avoid accidents, to be fast because the game is on time. Every level is on time so if you do not park the bus before the time runs out you will lose and you have to start the whole game from the beginning. If you make accidents the game is over. at higher levels, you have more challenges that are waiting for you and it will be harder to accomplish your goal. Try to learn how to drive the bus if you want to obtain a big score on every level if you want the chance to complete your goal successfully every time. Enjoy the game!

Use arrow keys or WASD to navigate your bus. Follow the direction arrows displayed on screen to reach your destination. In order to achieve high scores, avoid delays crashes. Use 'P' key to pause.