Car Eats Car Evil Cats

Car Eats Car Evil Cats
Car Eats Car Evil Cats is our addictive racing game for you. This can be said to be exactly the other car destruction game for your car to exist and be safe.
The task of this game is that you have to control a vehicle to cross all the rugged terrain, many obstacles on the way to move your car.
On your way, you encounter many other vehicles trying to stop and arrest your car.
Vehicles are moving with your car on the road such as police cars, other vehicles, etc. You must use measures to escape, or attack with mines, or can speed up crushing other vehicles. . On the way do not forget to add energy by eating red diamonds. The controls are simple and easy to get used to. Users can quickly capture gameplay and how to drive their car to pass all levels of play. After each race, users can upgrade their cars.
This is a racing game based on very attractive physics principles, In this super-fast and exciting racing game will be a good choice for you. Let's start playing this game for free and can share it for friends to play. Have fun!

* Features::
- Collect nitro and other upgrades to increase your max speed!
- Outrun the other fast cars who are trying to devour you!
- Perform flips to become the most accomplished stunt car on the street!

Developer: Car Eats Car Evil Cats is made by Smokoko.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Web browser

The arrow keys or ASDW to drive;
Shift or X to use nitro;
Space bar to drop bombs.