Cave Blast

Cave Blast
Cave Blast is a fast-paced 2D shooting and fighting game in which you control a little pig stuck in a mysterious cave with a group of monsters pouring in and unlocking tons of weapons and costume! This is the game with graceful animated 2D graphics and smooth shooting game.

Let your fingers be ready to control the keyboard to play and act. The army of monsters in the game is very crowded
Challenge the pig you control constantly. Use a variety of melee weapons and powerful guns.
Smooth and responsive control, against monsters and bad and dangerous creatures, they will hinder our piggy fighting and must be destroyed.
In this mysterious cave arena, you must use various types of weapons and control the flexible pig to move and counterattack accurately and quickly before the enemy.
Cave Blast is a fun game that brings huge items to reward your survival skills.
Make money by fighting monsters and you will be able to unlock funny costumes to disguise your angry pig into characters in the famous game or movie as a talented pig, dog, vampire, or elf. Lots of weapons available to support your angry piglet hero! Get many different guns, collect power, fly planes and destroy all your enemies!
Cave Blast is a fun run and gun game that is inspired by the 2D game next to the legend. This fun beat game is being actively developed, so you can expect more arenas More, death boss battles, enemy monsters, and weapons are added in the future.

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* Features:
- One player
- Best Addictive Fighting Game
- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content
- Funny fighting game enemies!
- Use the weapons to destroy a lot of monsters.

Mouse – Navigate / Aim;
LMB – Interact / Select / Shoot;
WASD / Arrow Keys – Move;
Ctrl – Toggle Shooting.