Cheat Death

Cheat Death
Drag and drop blocks to fill in the gaps on the way. Help your hero drink water of life before it’s too late in a sliding puzzle through dozens of hand-drawn levels.
This paper game offers just enough challenge for you to relax

If you enjoy beautiful logic games with the minimalistic art style, this little blocks puzzle is a nice pick. Your objective is to complete the board with block shapes so as to let the character reach the potion. Life is short, so is the level time.

As you progress, new types of block shapes appear on the board, which bring a new challenge to this brain-teaser. As some levels feature a few puzzle boards, tetrishapes are often located closer to the spaces to be placed. Mind this as a prompt, but don’t consider it a rule. With crystal clear objectives and smooth jigsaw puzzle gameplay, this family-friendly game is your puzzle retreat. Play full game free without limitations.

* Move shapes in a jigsaw puzzle game
* Do with immovable blocks and more challenges as you progress
* Rack your brain before the time is up
* Solve 25 creative sliding puzzles
* Enjoy minimalistic hand-drawn graphics
* Try jigsaw blocks game with a twist
* Play a free puzzle game online or offline

Use the mouse to play this game.