Cyber Unicorn Assembly

Cyber Unicorn Assembly
Hi kids! Welcome to the Cyber Unicorn Assembly game, you can play and enjoy at - the site for all free online games. You can also play for free on your browser and mobile phone. Cyber Unicorn Assembly is an online robot assembly game, in which your mission is to assemble a powerful unicorn. Join the toy war, show your strength!

As you know, Unicorn is a famous cartoon character loved by many small friends. In addition to the game themes revolving around this character, you have enjoyed. Today, our website will give you a completely different topic, which is the theme: assembling unicorn robots and using and operating its strengths.

The first is the guild, this is where you get every part of the robot parts before it is removed. You need to follow three steps to assemble it including Novice, Pro and Master! Use the mouse to click on the pieces, drag and drop it correctly. Assemble each piece of Unicorn running on the conveyor belt in the fastest way! Usually when you first play this game, usually choose in Novice game mode. To complete this assembly, you need to focus and act quickly. Quick hands are essential at this time.

The second part is the Test weapon, you will need to check your legs, head, and weapons. To test the hind legs, jump over the platforms and collect stars. The more stars you collect, the higher your score will be. Be careful, avoid all obstacles, otherwise Unicorn will be stopped and the game will end. In addition, to test its horn, shoot the incoming asteroids

Finally, to test its head, you will need to complete the puzzle before time runs out. Every mistake you will make; You will lose a life so better beware!

It can be said that Cyber Unicorn Assembly is a very interesting game, if you love this game, try it now! We hope you enjoy it and come back here to play more games on our website.
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* Features:
- One player
- Three unlockable difficulty levels to challenge your skills
-The game gets a lot of players and downloads through addictive content and beautiful graphics
- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content.

Use the mouse to play this game.