Derby Crash 3

Derby Crash 3
Racing is an ever-popular topic, with today's ''Derby Crash 3'' game for you as a very special game about its content. .
This is a driving game combined with the skill of destroying other cars.
Game with 6 sports cars and an armored car, your task is to choose the vehicle that suits the terrain with your interests to start this exciting game. Drive around the map and find a way to destroy the remaining cars, one of your extravagance is the most exciting part of this special game. Much fun! Enjoy!

Developer: Derby Crash 3 is made by Ciorbyn.
Initial release game date: April, 2020
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
The game has similar content: Poki Car Racing.

WASD = Drive;
SPACE = Handbrake;
C = Camera;
ENTER = Reset car;
T = Slow mode;
R = Rwpair car.