Dino Run

Dino Run
Dino Run is a so funny game inspired by the familiar Chrome Dino Run game that was created by Rapper Key. This game is so cool and addictive in which you will control a lovely dinosaur to overcome all the obstacles such as cactus, flying bird, etc...

The goal is to avoid crashing into cacti, flying bird, etc.... Claim that you are the best at this game and show your skills to your friends by doing the highest score!
The game gets gradually harder as the speed increases and the high score counter in the top right-hand corner enables you to track your results. It may not be as good as having your internet back up and running but it is at least an alternative to just gazing at a screen that is doing nothing!
A special point in this game is that it allows you to compete for the score with many other players on the leaderboard. In addition, you also can compete with your friend on playing with friend mode. This makes the game become more addictive when lots of players try to get the highest score to challenge their friends to beat it.
It is very easy to control this game. The dinosaur will run automatically and you just use the up key to control the dinosaur jump over the cactus or the bird.

Now, let's start the game and enjoy it. Hope you have the great moments on Pokicom.com our site. Much fun! Have fun!

- Beautiful color graphics.
- Simple use the up key to controlling the dinosaur jump.
- Compare your Score with other Players in Leader-boards.
- Easy and fun Gameplay
- simple and intuitive
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the up key to control the dinosaur jump.