Downtown 1930s Mafia

Downtown 1930s Mafia
A top-notch shooting game masterpiece, which we present to you for free today. `` Downtown 1930s Mafia '' is a full simulation of a third-person shooter action game, with stunning 3D graphics, extremely attractive, and interesting content. We are sure that when you play you will be extremely excited and addictive with this game.
The title of the game also partly helps you understand the content of the game. In the 1930s, mafia gangs also appeared. a fight for territory, that was the time of the black market, bank robbery, smuggling... The game has built a graphic with many detailed images suitable for the 1930s period.
Experience crime mafia street rivals, shoot guns against each other. The game is an assumption when you are leading a mafia gang and fight for territory with other mafia gangs. A breathtaking and fascinating gun battle.
Play as a brave new mafia spy thrilling adventure against other chasing mafia armies for a greater reason to plan a great threat to the city.
You will run and direct this battle, we hope your mafia gang will be the hegemony of the city in the 1930s.
The interesting point of the game, it is your movement and your gang. You can move normally or you can find cars to move. Guns and weapons are provided for your gang in full. Play online with millions of players in this MMO game. Have fun! Much fun! Enjoy!

Features :
- Smooth and intuitive controls of a real don't Easy, fun to play and - Interesting Game Play.
- Thrilling and challenging Car Driving simulator Missions
- Stunning & High-Quality 3D Graphics
- Assault Rifle shooting and baton fighting

Developer: Downtown 1930s Mafia is made by Starry
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Web browser
The game has similar content: Shooting games.

WASD = Move;
Mouse = Shoot;
Right mouse = Salto;
Space bar = Jump;
F = Get in the car;
E = Crouch.