Dumb Riders

Dumb Riders is a great platform game with a unique, engaging content.  The game has many exciting levels to complete and you can achieve star rating for each level. Choose a skateboard, an old-fashioned bicycle and other peculiar means of transport to ride and start this adventurous adventure, This game requires great timing and reflexes of you. Dumb Riders is a jumping and running game that is bizarre and fun. 
Enjoy the Dumb Riders game. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game. Have fun!

* Features:
- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Play alone and control the character in the game
- Training skills focus and agility, reflex.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Developer: Dumb Riders is made by Teleponk
Initial release game date: September 2019.
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
The game has similar contentHappy WheelsShort Life; Lucky Life, Short Ride, Hard Life.

In game.