Earth Taken 3

In Earth Taken 3 continue to survive in this post-apocalyptic action-shooter. Aliens had invaded and taken over earth. Many humans and animals has already been wiped off the face of the planet. Ecosystem has been altered to suit the alien, making it too toxic to for earth born creatures.Start out by customizing your soldier anyway you want.Alien also started taking humans as prisoners and brainwashing into mindless hordes of soldier.Your job is to survive and escape.Play Earth Taken and Earth Taken 2 to catch up to the story.

Mouse to navigate menus.Key settings can be changed in the Control options.DEFAULT CONTROLSArrow Keys = move/aimSpacebar = interactA = shootS = jumpS + S = double jumpR = reloadQ = toggle weaponsE = eat a food rationX = take anti-radiation medicineP or ESC = Pause and in-game menu