Eggys Big Adventure

Eggys Big Adventure
Eggys Big Adventure is a fun physics based platformer where you hop, skip and jump your way to the end. This is an addictive game played and downloaded by many people around the world, the game is provided by, and is retrieved by and specially selected for you

The game is a platformer that will keep you on your toes having fun with the realistic physics, creative enviroments and a cute world to explore. Jump, move, push and fall through 22 levels of fun physics mayhem to save the eggs from the shadow monsters that have invaded poor Eggys world.
Everything in this game has physics applied to it. Even the clouds have physics. You will be able to push them, jump on them and even drift them through the sky. The clouds are even cute with smiley faces. Whats not to love from the lovable cartoony characters of the world.
The game features an open world system, where your main base allows you to choose which level to enter through the doors, you can return home to the safe environment and jump around and play before entering a door where death awaits you!

The monsters are known as the evil shadowy monsters that have taken over eggland. Eggy will have to do his best to save the world and rescue all the little eggs scattered through the cartoony physics spike filled worlds.

* Features:
- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Fun for all ages
- Realistic Physics
- Over 22 levels
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the arrow keys to play this game.